Care for His World

We have a variety of outreach projects. Our ESL program is always growing and we work with other service organizations to serve our community.

Our Outreach

ESL Classes

We offer ESL classes from September through May. The classes for beginners and intermediate students as well as those applying for citizenship are free. Child care is also provided. For more information, call our front office.

Rock Haven Nursing Home Service

Redeemer holds a Worship Service at Rock Haven Nursing Home on the second and fourth Thursdays.

Social Ministry

Our Social Ministry board works with our congregation on projects to serve our community through-out the year. These have included providing school supplies, Christmas gifts, and meals.

Ways to Serve

Church Council and Boards

Members can serve as Board Chairs or board members. Our boards encompass the ministry of the church- Christian Education, Outreach, Stewardship, Worship, Building Trustee, Social Ministry, and Fellowship.

Simple Commitments

If you don’t feel you have time to commit to a board or are not a member, there are still so  many ways you can serve. You can serve as an usher, sign up to provide flowers, help with communion set-up/ clean-up, participate in spring cleaning and building projects, etc. Watch for these opportunities in our announcements, bulletins, or newsletter.

"Bringing all into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ as we ... Rejoice in his Grace, Live as God's Own Family, and Care for His World."